Button Swap 2009

After reading the last few posts, you may be thinking, Wow, this girl can’t stop with the swaps! And you’d be right. I love sending mail. I love getting mail. And  I’m at an impasse with artwork, so swaps are a way for me to create, communicate, share within some guidelines, while I figure out what I really want to be up to.

My button swap partner Wendy told me that she loved buttons with great textures, orange, green and brown and that she did a lot of sewing. Oh, and she loves over-sized buttons. So here is what I sent:

I stitched the buttons onto some cross-stitch fabric in a nice old wooden embroidery hoop (can you have too many of these? I don’t think so…) and included a note on my favorite Gwen Frostic stationery, as well as a little envelope of “Extra Buttons,” pretty awesome. I had some to send that didn’t quite fit, so I made those the extras — just tiny whimsical, worn little buttons I thought Wendy might like anyway.

And Lizzy helped me draw the wonderful wintry picture to decorate the mailer. Enjoy the buttons, Wendy! Thanks for a lovely swap, Hannah!


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