snapshots of Christmas :: making

Oh, the crafting before Christmas! Wouldn’t it be lovely to move Christmas to February, a month which really needs a little pick-me-up?

This crazy elf stayed up until the wee hours three nights running trying to finish Christmas presents in secret — although it wasn’t much of a secret when the noisy sewing machine kept waking up even the sleepiest — sorry, guys. And I’m not sure I was at my best between 1 and 3 a.m. Maybe that’s why accidents kept happening. If it hadn’t been so late at night, perhaps I wouldn’t have stitched my Mom’s Christmas blanket into a sack, by weaving in the ends through both sides of the blanket. Ooops. Powered by green tea and Pete Seeger tunes, I made it through. And here are some of the happy results:

{a little handmade fairy for each of my girls, based on the instructions from Wee Felt Folk}

{a special Christmas doll blanket}

{my brother’s Christmas scarf}

{my niece’s art roll, complete with Barebooks and shimmery colored pencils}

{a knitted cotton blanket, from Knitting for Peace, for my Mom}

Several of my handmade things were whisked into wrappings and given to their recipients before I could photograph them  — such an oops! — but while looking for a picture of the white blanket above I found this picture, from the weekend I cast on, many months ago, at a farm in Wisconsin during the last days of our summer vacation. Can you make out the first few inches of knitting there, next to a sleeping Lizzy?

That knitting kept me happy through the long miles of our scenic drive, and all those slow lovely days at the farm. So happy to know it will be keeping my mom warm this winter. That must be one of the finest things about handmade presents, the way memories and moments of your life are wrapped up in the gift.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “snapshots of Christmas :: making

  1. Good for you for making so many of your gifts! I’ll share some of my “making” stories with you later when I finish my end of the deal :), as there are presents still undone! I like the February idea, but what would Christmas be without a late-nighter, or two?!

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