saying goodbye to the holidays…

Um, a little late…I know.

January clean-up. I always aspire to it, but ah, getting there. I’m certainly not a December-26th-Christmas-tree-out-the-door type of person. When I watch folks on the Web show off their beautifully tidy and trim post-holiday homes, I think longingly about what that might look like for me, for my house and my family. And maybe because it’s hard to imagine, it’s hard to get there.

And it brings up a larger question for me. What does it take to have a neat and tidy, uncluttered home? Part of it must be puttering. Putting things back where they belong. Maybe tinkering is a better word, fixing, throwing out, bringing in, keeping things in motion so that nothing gets too old, too lost, too stale.

In general, I don’t switch the furniture around all the time, as do my Mom, my brother and some one else I know. While I do love the results of a well-edited lifestyle, it feels like there’s a gap in my knowledge. A “how did they DO that?” as though I were watching someone walk across a tightrope balancing a glass of orange juice on their head. But with the New Year and all the talk of fresh corners, it’s not a bad time to start becoming that person.

So I gave it a shot. Well before my usual February 14th deadline, I took down the Christmas tree. With a little help from a friend. And I created a little reading corner where the tree used to be. We gave the Christmas stories a last read-through and put those away, too.

And you know what? It felt good. It felt easy and fine. Maybe I can do this, and be the arranger & editor I aspire to be.

Or maybe I need a bit more practice?


2 thoughts on “saying goodbye to the holidays…

  1. Hi, Camille! Thanks for your comment. The box on the right is all handmade ornaments from the First Annual Small Fox Ornament Swap 2009. That was such fun!

    And many of the others were made by me or the kids. The little green wreath with the pink-red bow was made by me when I was little. The thread is a rainbow of colors.

    Oh, and the bookshelf is made locally (Chicago) by 57th Street Bookcases at

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