making milkweed

I love the connecting power of the Internet!

Recently, I was so delighted to hear about and participate in The Milkweed Project, Shan Bryan-Hanson’s collaborative fiber art project. Shan is creating a giant milkweed pod from white knitted and crocheted pieces from hundreds, maybe thousands of different fiber folk from all over the world. Here are some pictures of the piece I made.

I cast on and just started knitting, each stitch leading to the next. It was the most organic, original and delightful bit of knitting I’ve ever done. It felt so liberating to be knitting with no end result in mind, except to create something that was white and resembled a milkweed seed in some way. I think it will really change the way I knit. I’ve started thinking of so many non-traditional projects since I sent my “milkweed seed” off in the mail.

Progress on the project can be found on their Web site. Although the deadline for contributions has passed, I think Shan is still looking for venues for the finished art work. You’ve got to check out some of the other knitted pieces. They are so inspiring! Thank you, Shan, for this wonderful chance to create art with you and so many talented other fiber artists!


3 thoughts on “making milkweed

  1. What a really neat project. I love the idea of knitting organically, it must feel so liberating to not need to worry about what something looks like, or where the next stitch should come from. Gorgeous

  2. Gorgeous…I want to put my cheek down on it too! Your knitted piece reminds me of our Emily Dickenson Trail walk in Massachusetts, and the magic wands that the milkweed pods became.

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