making new friends…

{my new friend}

We’ve had a lot of sewing machine turnover around here lately. Machines lent, broken, replacements lent, broken. I’ve been doing some of the lending, some of the breaking — but not all. Yet with big birthday no. 7 coming up tomorrow, there needs to be some serious sewing in the next 24 hours. So I’ve gotten out the real racehorse sewing machine, that my friend lent to me — an antique Royal machine, with the engine of a thoroughbred and a frighteningly sharp needle. Wow!

So I’m making a new sewing machine friend, but cautiously. This is a much more powerful sewing machine than any I’ve used before. As old as it is, it can really move! It reminds me of wonderful grannies who run marathons in the oldest age group, or start rock bands at 91.

And it’s getting the job done. The quilt is coming together, hopefully in time for a breakfast delivery tomorrow morning.

How I remember bringing that lovely little baby home from the hospital, wrapped up against the bitter February weather! Even though that baby is turning 7 tomorrow, I still want her to have something to cuddle up with on cold February nights, with the warmth of Mama’s hug and the colors of the sunrise.

5 thoughts on “making new friends…

  1. What an awesome machine! Your quilt looks like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous; I’m sure your sweet girl will love it!

  2. First, happy birthday to your little one! And happy birth day to you. That is a gorgeous machine, and I am sure it produced an equally beautiful quilt. Hope it was a wonderful day

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