an evening skate

Ah, February. So bleak and yet so beautiful. Last year, when we still lived at the Shoreland, we’d cross over to the Point every wintry day, to investigate the lakefront and poke icy puddles with sticks and have all the outdoor fun that February has to offer. Now that we’re further inland, a bit of silver lining is the ice rink right outside our door. Usually my husband takes the girls, but tonight we all went for an evening skate.

Lizzy and Catherine love to skate fast.

Right around dinner time the rink is nearly empty. There were little new skaters pushing orange traffic cones while they get the hang of it. A fantastic skater who seemed a better fit for Olympics than our neighborhood rink, did pirouettes that made my head swim. And then our little family…skating hand in hand, “racing” (but who can catch Lizzy?), falling (the girls say “slipping and sliding”) and admiring the “moon up high”….

A lovely way to end a snowy winter day. How are you enjoying February?


3 thoughts on “an evening skate

  1. Beautiful photos Heather, and what fun on the ice!

    The only skating we’ve done this winter was part of the kitchen Olympics, where all of the skaters wore different colored socks and speed skated a circle around and through the kitchen and living room… many medals were awarded, and there was a very unique and specialized judging system.

    P.s. I love your flickr photos–great idea, I may borrow that one!

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