filling empty bowls

My friend Bonnie and I had a lovely mamas-only outing to the long-awaited Empty Bowls event at Lill Street art center. It was the best sort of affordable fundraiser, to benefit the hungry in Chicago. Amazing handmade bowls are donated by ceramic artists. Neighborhood folks come choose their favorite bowl (from an amazing number and variety) and buy it for $20. Volunteers fill your bowl with yummy soup from Lill Street’s First Slice cafe and then down you sit, to enjoy your soup with all kinds of new friends and their new bowls.

Afterwards Bonnie and I needed a bit more time for chatting and catching up, so we went around the corner to Spacca Napoli, for a plate of antipasti and a small glass of prosecco to celebrate a bit of together time.

There’s no limit to the number of bowls you can purchase at the Empty Bowls event (as many as your charitable pocketbook can stand). Here are the bowls that came home with me….although some will be going out again to friends and family….


2 thoughts on “filling empty bowls

  1. that sounds like so much fun! i would love an event like that around here! pottery bowls are one of my favorite items and who doesn’t love soup! the ones you bought are beautiful!

  2. Hi Heather: They look twice as good back at your casa! I had so much fun, I wish it were a monthly event . . . I want to know if you’d like to join me on a Wed eve soon at the Soup and Bread gathering at the Hideout. Let me know. Thanks again for a lovely evening.


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