New artwork for the walls

In the last few weeks and months, I’ve gotten a few new things for the little corners of our home. So happy to brighten them with arwork.

This print of a knitting girl by Linnea for Binth. It’s actually hanging in our bedroom, but to get a glare-free picture, I had to put it temporarily in the hallway this afternoon. The girls think it looks like “Mommy knitting” and so they want it in their room. We’re still negotiating that one, but why not?

This gorgeous, tiny, snowy diptych by my friend Kelly. I fell in love with these paintings the first time I saw them, so when I heard they were in an exhibit here, the now sadly-closed Vespine Gallery, in Chicago, I leaped at the chance. Hanging in the (um, currently-too-messy-for-a-wide-angle-photograph) craft room.

And further in the tree theme, this little letterpress tree card by Saturn Press, purchased locally at 57th Street Books. Can you tell I miss my trees and leafy views from the old Shoreland? I have so many schemes about how to introduce foliage, lush, leafy, green greenness into our decor. More on that soon.

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