Bunny Party

We love birthday parties! We like to plan them a little last minute — throw together a homemade cake, kids, family, friends, a game or an art activity or two and have at it. Things tend to be spontaneous and simple We let the kids take the lead on many ideas and decorations. The girls usually help bake their own cakes and decorate them.

This year, Lizzy wanted a bunny theme and Mommy did a larger share of work on the bunny cake than usual. It turned out so well, with a pink raspberry eye and butter cream frosting on top of homemade chocolate cake. Yum. The girls looked at the leftover cake scraps and icing and said, “Let’s make a carrot!” So we did. Every bunny loves carrots.

As a craft activity, we decorated blown eggs with watercolor paints and hung them on an egg tree — one of my family traditions this time of year.

And there was an impromptu puppet show:

starring Lizzy’s new birthday bunny from Imagine Childhood:

It was such a mellow, low-key party, with so many parts of it made by us and the kids. I really love that. I feel like it makes the day so much more memorable, with everyone making and enjoying together. Happy Birthday, Lizzy!


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