knitting for Easter

I don’t know if there’s anything more satisfying for a knitting mama than to see her little ones wearing something she’s made. And if this “something” happens to be matching, swingy, sweet, bright little shrugs, well, all the better. The pattern comes from the Interweave magazine Weekend Knits that came out last fall. I knitted the blue one for Catherine a while back and had it stashed and ready, but the pink one came out a bit too small. I was scaling up from the baby and toddler sizes given. I ripped it out and started over on Thursday. Um, yes. A little bit of last-minute knitting there. Indeed.

Cath and Lizzy enjoyed wearing them so much and kept them on nearly all day — for egg hunts and brunch and dancing in daffodils and playing in the rain. Made my handmaking heart sing. I do think some more tinkering is in order — Catherine’s and Lizzy’s had to be held on with a pin; the edging on Lizzy’s is a bit loosey goosey and probably needs to be redone, but for now, for Easter, they were wonderful.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “knitting for Easter

  1. I wore my new blue handknit sweater all day for Easter too, and got a number of compliments! Another knitter asked for the pattern to make one for her grand daughter…too bad I didn’t get anyone to take my picture with a happy blue, turquoise, and white floral skirt. I’ll have to see if anyone got one of me…


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