a visit to springtime

My friend recently posted her story of our spring break trip out to visit her in California and our adventure with a rattlesnake. Indeed. I’ll let her tell you that story if you’d like to take a visit and read it. Everyone survived the adventure safe and sound, thank goodness. But seeing her post reminded me that my pictures of our trip out West are way past due.

{at the Pacific Ocean}

There’s nothing like going out to see an old friend. Wherever she is, I am so happy just to be with her. Together to watch the kids be their delightful, silly, whimsical selves. To plan artworks and share ideas. To talk late into the night about every little thing, while drinking many, many cups of tea.

What heaven to visit her while Chicago was still in wrapped in a chilly, muddy March! A visit to springtime. Flowers, birds, even citrus fruit ready to be picked from the trees. Her lemon tree was covered with blossoms and giving off the most heavenly smell, not to mention fat, juicy lemons. Lemonade, anyone?

We did some great California thrifting and the kids played outside non-stop. It was a wonderful break for all of us.  The only difficult part was how sad we felt when it was time to go home.

Yet another reason to yearn for spring. It’ll be back next year, and so will we.


3 thoughts on “a visit to springtime

  1. Oh, that last picture brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. Maybe because I know those sad green eyes so well…the photo captures such a poignant moment, having to be the first to say goodbye.

  2. There is something so amazing about California. My husband is a native there, and I lived there for 14 years. Come out to the barren land of Colorado is a huge adjustment. You captured it’s abundance beautifully

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