Tooth Fairy necklace

Since we’re on constant loose-tooth watch around here, I honored my 7-year-old’s request for a little hand-made pouch to wear to school (and everywhere!) in case her loose tooth falls out and she doesn’t have anywhere else to keep it. Isn’t that the kind of thought a crafty kid would have? I love it!

So here’s what I came up with at 6 a.m. on Monday morning.

Monday was Day 1 of Elsie Marley‘s awesome Kids Clothes Week Challenge and I’ve been playing along. Hope this counts (it’s an accessory, isn’t it?). If you haven’t taken a look at the amazing things going on there, you should. Elsie’s got links to tutorials for how to make all kinds of children’s clothes. Not to mention a ton of inspiration. Now, what to do for Day 2?

But my little person was delighted and has worn it ever since. We’re still waiting for the tooth….


3 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy necklace

  1. what a cute idea! thanks for your comment on my pocket smock :) i answered your question in the comments section of the post. keep in touch!

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