tooth pillow

This is Catherine’s tooth pillow. A little snug pocket for the lost tooth (the felt tooth on the front there is the little pocket!) and a nice big pocket for any treats the Tooth Fairy wants to leave her.

So far only one tooth has come out, but all the other front teeth seem to be very, very loose. I thought this was going to be the Summer of the Missing Teeth, but Tooth Watch continues…

In the meantime, homemade popsicles soothe aching gums and are easy enough to eat. These are blackberry-blueberry and apricot-honey striped. The sailboat popsicle makers seem to be sold out all over, but I finally found them here at Prairie Moon Beverage Syrup Company and they have lots of other popsicle makers, too. The girls love the sailboats so much.

We didn’t really use a recipe, just blended frozen blueberries and blackberries and a little half and half to make it more cream-sicley, which is the way I like it.

The suitably hot, hot, HOT weather has been Nature’s own around here. I know we’ll have more of that (and more therapeutic popsicles) before summer’s over. Cheers to that!


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