Vintage Swap sneak peek

After mailing my package to my swap partner Hannah, I forgot to show off a sneak peek of what’s inside…

I had a bit of help with the selection process. In fact, Little Miss L. invested so much in helping decide what and how things should be put together, she cried when the package went out the door. “I want to keep it,” she wailed. “It’s so beautiful! I love it!” Some peace was restored when I explained that a special package, also full of treasures, was on its way to us. I love that about these swaps; there’s joy in sharing. Finding something beautiful and not hoarding it, but saying, “Oh, I think Hannah would really love this!” and wrapping it up to send. It felt good to be able to model this kind of grown-up giving and to reassure Lizzy in our own abundance (of buttons, quilts, etc.) Um, some would say over-abundance.

Hints of vintage happiness! Hope you enjoy them, Hannah! The package should be reaching you soon.


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