notes from the mending basket

I don’t know about you, but I do a fair amount of mending around here. The girls know where to find my mending basket and they fill it up on a regular basis.

We have plenty of clothes, enough so that I probably don’t need to mend things, but we seem to have a limited number of beloved, treasured, all-time-favorite clothes. Ones that are slept in, played in, worn day in, day out. These, indeed, are rare and they are carefully mended.

I tend to make the patches heart-shaped; it is a labor of love after all. What magic a few scraps of cotton and felt can work on an little rip or hole! The “mended” garment has more personality. It’s lively. It has a story: “That dress has a hole from where the cat scratched me.”

I love mending the kids’ clothes. I love the way they remind me over and over again — “Mama, my red heart dress is still in the mending basket!” And that is the catch — the mender needs to repair the things in her basket before the kids they belong to outgrow them.

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without

I don’t always live up to this motto, but I do love my mending basket.


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