portrait of a girl

As I try to write for this space, I often find myself in the midst of a little photo shoot, trying to photograph a knitted little something in better light. I place it, take the picture, check, oops, no it’s blurry, try again. It must look pretty funny from the outside, me moving an object this way, that way, taking picture after picture. Click, click, click.

Recently I got to see just what it looks like when Lizzy placed these things on the floor and told me that we needed to take some pictures of them:

To the untrained eye it’s a hodgepodge of knitting needles, princess figures, colored pencils and pink finger-knitting yarn on the living room rug.

But while I was taking the pictures, I looked more carefully and it made me think of family portraits.

Then there was the important addition of Lizzy herself. And this picture is really very special; a true and lovely portrait of a girl, in fact. This is Lizzy with her favorite things in the house. She chose exactly those things that mean the most to her, the ones she plays with every day and she arranged them lovingly, to share with me, with you. It’s really the essence of what I’m trying to do, too, when I write about my life in this space and about what I’m making or doing with my family or my artwork.  Trying to chose what’s most meaningful and then transform it into a portrait of everyday life.

Leave it Lizzy to make it look so easy. A lovely self-portrait of a girl.


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