Outings :: Magical Miniatures and Chagall

Recently we went to Chicago’s Art Institute as a family. It’s just a short electric train ride from our house, but it had been a while. We felt ready to go again. The Thorne Miniature Rooms have been decorated this year for the holidays for the first time, so we loved that! If you haven’t seen these rooms and you live in the Chicago area, you really should take a look. The workmanship is incredible! As a knitter, I was delighted to see how many rooms featured teeny, tiny knitting baskets. Unfortunately, my no-flash pictures of those baskets did not come out — you’ll have to imagine them (or visit!). You peek through little framed windows to see inside the miniature decorated rooms. It’s quite magical.

And we did all our other favorite things…. rubbings from medieval carvings….

Looking at picture books in the children’s book illustrators gallery….

But the other lovely surprise was that the Chagall’s America windows were back on display after a long-time renovation…

We spent a long time looking at them….

And then in the Children’s area, there was an art activity to make your own “stained glass” using vellum sandwiched between sheets of black paper. Such a simple project, but they came out beautifully.

A lovely way to bring memories of the Art Institute and all its miraculous artwork home with us.


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