weekending :: the piano lesson

In the midst of one of the busiest weekends we’ve had lately, Catherine gave her little sister a piano lesson today. It was very spontaneous — suddenly they were sitting side by side on the piano bench. “Every time I practice, I’m going to help you practice,” Catherine said.

“Take an apple, cut it in half. Put one half down. Now remember,” said Catherine, “you have an apple under your hand,” by way of teaching the correct way to hold your hands curved while you play.

I felt my heart swell at the patience of the teacher and the earnest attention of the student. It was a moment when we were supposed to be getting ready to start a very busy day. A day full of family, friends, a piano recital, a birthday party. But these two grabbed the moment and got engaged in play, in sharing and learning. Even though time was short and Mom and Dad were bustling around them. It made me feel proud and humble. As grown-ups I think we need to see these moments more clearly, like kids do. Not moments always to be rushed through on the way to something else. They are themselves the Moment. Life. Sweet, beautiful, short.

Watching this piano lesson reminded me to treasure each moment and fill it up with as much love and gratitude as possible. I felt a new perspective and calm on my busy day, which is only made up of moments, after all.

Hoping there were many moments to treasure in your busy weekend, too.


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