dressed for the weather

Lizzy’s favorite knitted cotton bunny — made for her by Mama for Easter a few years ago (where is that post?) — got some warm clothes thanks to a couple of old, mismatched wool socks. I’ve got to do a tutorial soon about doll clothes and odd socks. There are so many fun ways to transform your odd socks! In fact, this fall Bunny got the first clothes she’s ever had. I knitted her this white cotton nightgown, and a red “party” dress from the same pattern. Well, my winging-it design, which I’ll share here as soon as I manage to write it down. Hee.

Clothes have made a big difference in Lizzy and Bunny’s relationship. Lizzy plays with her so much more now that she’s got clothing.

And Emily, who you may remember from this post, got some cold weather gear as well, in the form of a hat, a poncho and some woolly leggings, also made from odd socks. She looks bundled up, doesn’t she? Boots are still needed, Lizzy told me.

So when the next odd sock comes out of the laundry — shout out, “Hurray! Time to make some doll clothes!”

Look for the step-by-step here soon.


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