signs of the season

Signs of the season appearing all around our house. This year we’re trying to keep it sweet, simple, natural. A bit more green and red (boughs and berries) and a bit more white (paper snowflake extravaganza) and we’ll be all set.

The homemade decorations are making me smile at every turn. And my little elves have only just begun. There are plans afoot for crafted presents of all kinds and some hand-drawn, embroidered holiday pillows and more. This mama elf has got to be watching the Christmas clock, though, because I promised — no midnight crafting sessions on Christmas Eve! A tall order, indeed.

What signs of the season are appearing in your house?

One thought on “signs of the season

  1. hooray! I love this little live evergreen with its paper mittens. Also the familiar watercolor by my crazy church-lady painter friend, after A Turner painting, I think–it looks great with your white pitcher and tree branches, and tiny ceramic house. I’ll have to send you some updates with our living room as is gets decorated bit by bit. The Kyrgyzstan Nativity is coming out this week!

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