Updating Ravelry

One of my New Year’s projects (and oh, there are many!) has been to get my Ravelry site up to date. (Do you know Ravelry.com? It’s a knitters’ site where you can share pictures and descriptions of all your projects, yarns, etc. Recently they celebrated their 1 millionth member!)

When I first joined Ravelry years ago, I added 23 projects to my site in a burst but I’ve hardly updated since. You may ask, have I been knitting this whole time? Oh, my, yes. I tried to count up every item I’ve knit and I lost track at 120 or so. That’s a lot of updating. I want to get it done in the next few weeks, so look for more posts about knitting as I uncover hidden treasures.

I love making things. Sometimes I just dash from creation to creation without slowing down to really appreciate what I’ve made. To photograph it (um, especially before giving it away), to record how it was made, where it was made, for whom. Those things are important. I love the process, but I want that process to include the recording of it. I want to slow down enough to tell the story, before heading to new adventures.

A nice goal for the New Year, I think.

Here are some projects I’ve been posting to Ravelry. More — many, many more — very soon.


One thought on “Updating Ravelry

  1. Heather,
    I love your work! This post hit home with me because I too am hoping to get my Ravelry projects updated. It’s such a great way to organize things. It does become a journal of my knitting journey. Good luck getting it all up-to-date!


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