drawing costumed kids

{Lizzy dressed as a character she’s calling “Hindabella.”}

My friend Lisa has been taking a “Costumed Figure” class at the Hyde Park Art Center. When she told me about drawing her own kids in costume, I got very excited: What a great idea! and Why didn’t I think of that?

Over at their house for a play date, a few days later, the girls came out in costume and hollered, “We’re ready for you to draw us! Draw our pictures, Mama!”

What followed was a quick and hilarious drawing session. Kids perched on each mama’s shoulder, commenting on the works in progress. And yet the kids were such patient models, choosing difficult wavy-arms poses.

Drawing them made me really look at them, these cherished kids, the shapes of them, and the ways their expressions are so unique. What a gift to have this special time to really see them and try to recreate their vivid little selves on paper.Wonderful!

Maybe we can fit another costumed figure “class” in soon —  they say they want to draw me next! More soon…

Catherine dressed as a queen.

Cinder Zoe.

One thought on “drawing costumed kids

  1. Love these! So expressive–there is nothing like the quick sketch to really capture movement & life, in the artist and the subject. Nicely done.

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