train traveling

Today’s the day we’ve been planning and waiting for! Our little family of four is heading across the country on a train, in a sleeping car to make our yearly visit to friends in California. Oh, the things we’ve packed to be prepared for 40 hours in a train with two kids! Patrick balked at bringing my initial recommendation of chocolate — possibly enough to sustain Hannibal’s army crossing the Alps. So we scaled that back a bit, but rest assured, it’s still a goodly amount.

Games and drawing things and some books to read out loud together. And knitting, oh yes, the time I’ve spent thinking about the knitting! We’ll also be keeping a train journal so come back for excerpts of that when we return. What I’m most looking forward to is having each other — and all the ideas, wonderment and joy of watching so much of our incredible country go by out the window, with this wonderful little family of mine.

And the girls have been helping by leaping wildly off the furniture.

Have a lovely start of spring!


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