quilts in progress…

I’ve been quilting like crazy around here trying to get ready for the Hyde Park Quilt Show this weekend. I’ve got two quilts in the show, but the trick is that they’re not quite done yet. Nothing like a short and looming deadline to get the creative juices flowing. Two may be a bit ambitious, but these little quilts are such fun — and coming along nicely.

Some snapshots of the works in progress:

{flower inspiration from Lizzy — “the grass looked purple with flowers, Mama!” Catherine said}

More on these soon! If only I could figure out how to quilt in the bathtub — and while I’m sleeping.


2 thoughts on “quilts in progress…

  1. Now I know why you haven’t had a chance to send photos or answer my e-mails. Good luck – the quilts look beautiful – and have fun

  2. Ooh, love the colors—bright does have a way of winning out, doesn’t it!? I can’t wait to see the end quilts, thanks for the peek. I also love the blue of those flowers. What are they called? I feel like I once knew, but have forgotten.

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