spotted at the Quilt Show

Oh, the long-awaited Hyde Park Quilt Show! I love this event every year — it’s such a Hyde Park thing. Such a neighborly, friendly and beautiful ritual of springtime! People bringing old quilts and new, ones to sell and ones to keep. Like a huge Easter basket of color, such a bright contrast to the still-gray skies and sidewalks outside.

Here are some snippets of this year’s show:

Thinking about Kelly’s recent post, also reminds me that time flies at even timeless events like the Quilt Show.

quilt show 2008 by blooming heather

{Catherine at the Quilt Show in 2008, just a bit taller than the pews!}
quilt show 2008 a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

{Lunching at the Quilt Show, 2009}

{with her friend and her 7th Birthday Quilt in 2010}

{Catherine in 2011, reading through the program on her own}


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