fall colors

Just wanted to share some of the beautiful fall colors which are quickly disappearing as we get closer and closer to November….we’ve been doing all we can to enjoy them before they’re gone!


winter whites

The world’s been wearing its winter whites around here, both inside and out…

I’m planning to post some pictures of the wonderful birthday party, but that will have to wait one more day. There’s just too much wonderful snow to play in and then tired explorers to warm and comfort with stories and hot cocoa and hot baths. Hope you’re enjoying the winter wonders wherever you are!

{The Shackleton twins explore the Antarctic together….}

lovely yellow lifts me out of gray

This fall the weather has alternated quickly from gray to golden sunshine and back. The pattern of the days would make a lovely quilt — alternating stripes of gray and yellow. As I look back at the photos I’ve taken, I see that golden yellow everywhere. So here’s an ode to that lovely yellow color and the way it lifts me out of the gray, especially when it comes delivered in a bright bouquet of leaves, or as a little flotilla at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.

loving yellow

loving yellow

There have been years of my life when if you’d asked me about colors I would have said yellow was my least favorite. How crazy is that? Yellow? I love yellow! Maybe it’s this dark-gray February-March border season full of inky gray skies, gray potholes, gray sidewalks and gray-green lake. 

Every day I look for yellow wherever I go and I add yellow to my house whenever I can, whether it’s a yellow tea cup or yellow tulips or the little yellow leaves in the tablecloth pattern. And when Nature adds a bit of yellow with some sunshine through the windows, well, then it feels like all is warm and right with the world.