drawing costumed kids

{Lizzy dressed as a character she’s calling “Hindabella.”}

My friend Lisa has been taking a “Costumed Figure” class at the Hyde Park Art Center. When she told me about drawing her own kids in costume, I got very excited: What a great idea! and Why didn’t I think of that?

Over at their house for a play date, a few days later, the girls came out in costume and hollered, “We’re ready for you to draw us! Draw our pictures, Mama!”

What followed was a quick and hilarious drawing session. Kids perched on each mama’s shoulder, commenting on the works in progress. And yet the kids were such patient models, choosing difficult wavy-arms poses.

Drawing them made me really look at them, these cherished kids, the shapes of them, and the ways their expressions are so unique. What a gift to have this special time to really see them and try to recreate their vivid little selves on paper.Wonderful!

Maybe we can fit another costumed figure “class” in soon —  they say they want to draw me next! More soon…

Catherine dressed as a queen.

Cinder Zoe.


drawing again

After a long break from drawing, I’ve started up again. I declared to myself that I would have no “rules” and not try to make it anything in particular. I would just draw. If I wanted to draw the same thing every day, or doodles, or trace patterns? Fine.

So the other morning, with crisp fall beauty all around, I went out to one of my favorite drawing spots. And you know what? It worked. Reminding myself that I have no rules, that I can draw like kids do — freely, for fun, for the joy of it — made the difference.

Look for more drawings to appear in this space in the next few weeks. So good to remember that inspiration comes from doing. So good to be drawing again!

napping sketch

The last few days have been taken up with a crying, inconsolable newly  4-year-old — over the weekend the happy birthday girl, now in the grip of a terrible ear infection.

One of the few consolations for sleepless nights was this sweet napper, whom I had a chance to sketch. Brought back memories. And created new ones. Something magical happens when you slow down and draw. Time doesn’t move in the same way. You notice things you’ve looked at so often but never really seen. Such a great reminder to pay attention and not take for granted how little your baby still is, even though she’s so big and so four.

sketching at the farm


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and it will take me a while to catch up on my posts. My family and I had a vacation in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. We stayed on a beautiful little farm nestled in hills. Here are some sketches I did while we were there.


It was so lovely to hear the birds and bees chortling so loudly away. My city girls changed into country girls in a happy flash, running barefoot up and down hills, jumping out of hay lofts and spending long happy hours on the tire swing. More of that in the next post.

Their delightful busy play had a great advantage for me — they didn’t care what I was doing, so I got a lot of drawing and knitting and thinking done. Happy, happy days.