Updating Ravelry

One of my New Year’s projects (and oh, there are many!) has been to get my Ravelry site up to date. (Do you know Ravelry.com? It’s a knitters’ site where you can share pictures and descriptions of all your projects, yarns, etc. Recently they celebrated their 1 millionth member!)

When I first joined Ravelry years ago, I added 23 projects to my site in a burst but I’ve hardly updated since. You may ask, have I been knitting this whole time? Oh, my, yes. I tried to count up every item I’ve knit and I lost track at 120 or so. That’s a lot of updating. I want to get it done in the next few weeks, so look for more posts about knitting as I uncover hidden treasures.

I love making things. Sometimes I just dash from creation to creation without slowing down to really appreciate what I’ve made. To photograph it (um, especially before giving it away), to record how it was made, where it was made, for whom. Those things are important. I love the process, but I want that process to include the recording of it. I want to slow down enough to tell the story, before heading to new adventures.

A nice goal for the New Year, I think.

Here are some projects I’ve been posting to Ravelry. More — many, many more — very soon.


works in progress

In spite of the heat, I’ve been doing plenty of knitting this summer. I hope to share some finished projects with you over the next few days…all of them in the colors of the leaves, the flowers, and the sunshine. Oh, that warm, wonderful, wicked-bright sunshine!

knitting for Varro

A little while ago I made these for a new friend of ours, who at the time was going by the code name, Lullaby. But now he’s been born and he’s so beautiful and his name is Varro. We were thrilled to meet him a little while ago, and it gave me a big jolt of happiness to see him wearing this little, little, hat I’d made him.

What would springtime be like without the arrival of wonderful babies, to remind you how precious and fragile and miraculous life really is? Welcome to the world, baby Varro! We’re so delighted you are here.

knitting for Easter

I don’t know if there’s anything more satisfying for a knitting mama than to see her little ones wearing something she’s made. And if this “something” happens to be matching, swingy, sweet, bright little shrugs, well, all the better. The pattern comes from the Interweave magazine Weekend Knits that came out last fall. I knitted the blue one for Catherine a while back and had it stashed and ready, but the pink one came out a bit too small. I was scaling up from the baby and toddler sizes given. I ripped it out and started over on Thursday. Um, yes. A little bit of last-minute knitting there. Indeed.

Cath and Lizzy enjoyed wearing them so much and kept them on nearly all day — for egg hunts and brunch and dancing in daffodils and playing in the rain. Made my handmaking heart sing. I do think some more tinkering is in order — Catherine’s and Lizzy’s had to be held on with a pin; the edging on Lizzy’s is a bit loosey goosey and probably needs to be redone, but for now, for Easter, they were wonderful.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

knitting from nature

On our many walks to the Point in the last few weeks, where it’s been windy and a bit wintry, we’ve seen water like this:

and this:

and beautiful glimpses of green-gray like this:

and this:

and this:

So is it any wonder that when I came home from a recent walk there, I cast on with this:

A pair of legwarmers for me, from some green-gray handspun yarn bought long, long ago at Maine’s lovely Common Ground Fair, and held together with some Misti Alpaca laceweight that’s been kicking around in my stash for a long time, to give it a more frosted, mottled look. Unfortunately, it’s still cold enough here to be thinking about tulips, seeds for gardening and new legwarmers, all at the same time.

spring knitting

There’s Spring in the air and a spring to my knitting lately. To say I love to knit is a bit of an understatement, but, in the last couple weeks, I seem to be knitting absolutely everywhere I go. Inside while sitting in the long-awaited sunbeam, while kids splash in the bath, on the phone, as the audience of the latest kid-choreographed ballet. Outside on park benches, at the Point, watching girls pick the best-of-all-possible sticks for poking mud.

{ inside }

{ outside }

And isn’t that the great thing about Spring? You start to bring all your favorites out of doors. My favorites? Up next :: picnics, reading, tea parties, chalk drawings, swimming and of course, more knitting. Oh, boy, am I ready!

Valentine knitting

So I’m a little out of date with these posts — Valentine’s Day?! But better late than never.

I knit these scarves for Project #6 on the Craft Hope site. This project is collecting red knitted scarves for young people in foster care going off to college. I loved this idea, so I raided my stash for red and cast on right away, knitting up three scarves in a matter of days, in three different rosy shades.

I love the way these turned out. I tried their lovely recommended pattern, the star stitch scarf donated by Vickie Powell, but in the end I was more comfortable with this knit1/purl1 rib stitch. I cast on 30 stitches and knit for 5 feet or so. It created such a great, soft, lofty fabric for each scarf. Like a big hug. It was such a quiet, happy, restful project. With a little love in each stitch.