old photos

My mom brought back a treasure trove of photos from my Grandma and Grandpa’s house recently and I wanted to share a few here. Friends will know that I once lost a packet of family photos, in the confusion of coming back from a long visit to my parents’ house with a little 2-year-old and a lot of luggage. The pictures should have come in, but didn’t. Where are they? We still don’t know.¬†Their loss just pierced my heart. Now I appreciate the ones we do have so much more.

My mom and her beautiful mom.

My mom, bundled up for a visit to the lake shore? I’m loving those sunglasses!

Some lovely old ones, like this one. Oh, the petticoat. And the shoes.

Some newer ones, like this one of me and my brother.

Some feature cars:

And some feature carriages:

But what delights me most, is that they all feature likenesses. Faces and features carried along from one generation to the next, like a looking glass to peek into, every time I open the photo albums.

But more on that in another post.

Are you asking yourself where your family photos are? Find them. Treasure them. And put them in a very safe place.