an evening skate

Ah, February. So bleak and yet so beautiful. Last year, when we still lived at the Shoreland, we’d cross over to the Point every wintry day, to investigate the lakefront and poke icy puddles with sticks and have all the outdoor fun that February has to offer. Now that we’re further inland, a bit of silver lining is the ice rink right outside our door. Usually my husband takes the girls, but tonight we all went for an evening skate.

Lizzy and Catherine love to skate fast.

Right around dinner time the rink is nearly empty. There were little new skaters pushing orange traffic cones while they get the hang of it. A fantastic skater who seemed a better fit for Olympics than our neighborhood rink, did pirouettes that made my head swim. And then our little family…skating hand in hand, “racing” (but who can catch Lizzy?), falling (the girls say “slipping and sliding”) and admiring the “moon up high”….

A lovely way to end a snowy winter day. How are you enjoying February?


moving chronicles :: scenes from the new neighborhood

Well, actually, we’re still in the same neighborhood, but we’re on the other end of it and it does feel much different. We’re now very close to the University of Chicago campus. To be perfectly truthful, we’re on campus, a campus recently voted most reminiscent of Hogwarts, of Harry Potter fame, so you’ll see neo-gothic architecture becoming a photographic theme. But here are some scenes of our new stomping ground…








Mr. T(ea) cozy

So here at the University of Chicago, there’s a big tradition of Scav Hunt. This major event in the undergraduate calendar happened some weeks ago now, but I wanted to share my contribution to this year’s festivities.

The idea is that teams from each of the dorms have to find, make, conjure, or perform a list of about 300 tasks put together by the judges. During this wonderful, crazy weekend, you may find students operating rickshaw services, jousting, or playing live “Settlers of Cataan” on the Quads. If you happen to have a special skill (like knitting, in my case), or knowing where to borrow a baby elephant or get an CAT scan of a Ferby doll, you suddenly become very popular. 


One of our students Anna asked me to knit a “Mr. T cozy.” I made the basic shape by knitting brown yarn, and then the amazing Anna F. did the rest of the magic. I just had to share the results with you, since it is so very, very awesome! And watch out, next year, in case Scav comes knocking at your door…


{“I pity the fool who don’t drink tea…”}

Wearing my heart on my lapel…

Since I live in Hyde Park, it may be no surprise that I’m a huge fan of a certain presidential candidate from around here. The whole neighborhood seems galvanized, excited by the possibility of an Obama win. Now that we’re down to the wire, I really feel that I’m wearing my heart on my lapel, so to speak. I feel so full of hope, so excited, so ready for change.

What am I hoping for? To start, a record turn-out, a fair fight, and an historic victory for a neighbor of ours. While we were Trick-or-Treating, we saw that a few other people are feeling the same way. Get out the vote!