spotted at the Quilt Show

Oh, the long-awaited Hyde Park Quilt Show! I love this event every year — it’s such a Hyde Park thing. Such a neighborly, friendly and beautiful ritual of springtime! People bringing old quilts and new, ones to sell and ones to keep. Like a huge Easter basket of color, such a bright contrast to the still-gray skies and sidewalks outside.

Here are some snippets of this year’s show:

Thinking about Kelly’s recent post, also reminds me that time flies at even timeless events like the Quilt Show.

quilt show 2008 by blooming heather

{Catherine at the Quilt Show in 2008, just a bit taller than the pews!}
quilt show 2008 a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

{Lunching at the Quilt Show, 2009}

{with her friend and her 7th Birthday Quilt in 2010}

{Catherine in 2011, reading through the program on her own}


quilts in progress…

I’ve been quilting like crazy around here trying to get ready for the Hyde Park Quilt Show this weekend. I’ve got two quilts in the show, but the trick is that they’re not quite done yet. Nothing like a short and looming deadline to get the creative juices flowing. Two may be a bit ambitious, but these little quilts are such fun — and coming along nicely.

Some snapshots of the works in progress:

{flower inspiration from Lizzy — “the grass looked purple with flowers, Mama!” Catherine said}

More on these soon! If only I could figure out how to quilt in the bathtub — and while I’m sleeping.

quilt love

So it took quite a while to get this quilt finished. The idea for it came years ago, drawn by a sweet little four-year-old, who picked the fabrics and made the key. If you are a very long-time reader of this space, you may remember it. Now that girl is seven and we’re in a different house and so many other things have changed.

But I finally found the fabrics again and did the work of planning, cutting, sewing, quilting, binding and whew….now finally, we have  a new quilt friend. Catherine’s sunrise quilt of so many years ago — come to life!

And just in time for some serious snuggling.

scenes from the quilt show

Here are some scenes from the Quilt Show, as promised. I love it so much. The roomful of beautiful quilts. The windows in the church that seem like quilts of glass. There were vintage quilts and new quilts and even quilts for sale. Each year I learn so much from looking at the amazing work of other quilters. As usual, when I’m having a really good time, I forget to take photographs, but here are some to help set the scene, and maybe inspire you to come by next year…hope to see you there!

quilt show sneak peak…

Each spring, I find myself daydreaming, planning and of course, stitching for the Annual Hyde Park Quilt Show at the United Church of Hyde Park on 53rd Street. Here’s a little sneak peek for this year’s show. I dropped off the quilts (two of them!) yesterday and I’ll share more tomorrow, once the show is over. It’s such a sweet event, with a tea served by the church ladies, on real china and the punch served in real punch cups! Some little girls live for stuff like this, don’t they? Some grown-ups, too. (Wink.)

More tomorrow…

birthday quilt

“Mommy, you made it! The sunrise quilt!”

And made it I did — just barely! Stitching into the wee hours of the morning, I finished this wonderful, beautiful quilt for my girl.

Being up so late brought back many of those early-morning memories of babyhood, and of the night I gave birth. I saw so many sunrises in those early days of my daughter’s life. How I remember watching the sun rise over the lake and nursing the little treasure in my arms and wondering at the beauty of it all. There’s nothing like stitching the binding to give you time to reflect.

So sunrises always make me think of my big girl (now 7!). As a tribute to all those happy memories, I made this quilt for her. I used the lovely Folksy Flannel fabric by Anna Maria Horner and lined it with some linen from my stash. Is it a sign that your stash is too large (or just right?) when you happen to have 5 yards of mulberry-colored linen in it waiting for the right project to come along?

This birthday was filled with magical moments, but perhaps my favorite was seeing Catherine come home after school and curl up in her new quilt, quietly, naturally, as though it was right where she belonged. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.