spring is here…finally!

After a long winter of unrelenting gray broken only by heaps and heaps of snow, spring has come. The flowers are out, the ducks are on their nests, the bikes are out and the kids are kicking up their heels like little lambs. And the colors — oh, how I’m loving the colors!

What fun we’re having in this luscious, long-awaited springtime!

But I’ll let Spring speak for itself….


spring is coming…

How do we know?

We’ve been:

:: playing outside with just jackets or t-shirts

:: knitting out on the grassy lawn

:: flying homemade kites

:: seeing brights and buds and bugs and birds all over the neighborhood

:: thinking about a very special spring-break trip

:: getting excited for no reason and leaping about like lambs

:: wanting to stay outside all day.

Ah, spring!

signs of the season

Signs of the season appearing all around our house. This year we’re trying to keep it sweet, simple, natural. A bit more green and red (boughs and berries) and a bit more white (paper snowflake extravaganza) and we’ll be all set.

The homemade decorations are making me smile at every turn. And my little elves have only just begun. There are plans afoot for crafted presents of all kinds and some hand-drawn, embroidered holiday pillows and more. This mama elf has got to be watching the Christmas clock, though, because I promised — no midnight crafting sessions on Christmas Eve! A tall order, indeed.

What signs of the season are appearing in your house?

rehearsals and sugar plum dreams

My daughter is in the local Hyde Park School of Dance’s Annual Nutcracker production. Catherine is a party girl in the magical scene in which Herr Drosselmeyer presents Clara with the Nutcracker. Which has meant many rehearsals and much hard work.

What’s been unusual for us this year is that, I, too, have rehearsals, and much hard work. I’m dancing in the Nutcracker, as one of the parents in the party scene! (I’ll pause here…. so you can gasp or faint or bust out laughing and then collect yourself). Ever since I was a little girl, reading the book A Very Young Dancer about a young girl’s chance to be Clara in the George Balanchine Nutcracker in New York City, I’ve wanted to be in this ballet. And now, against all the odds, as a grown woman, I’ve got my chance.

You can imagine the excitement around here.

We had our first dress rehearsal last Friday and we have just one more to go before the first performance this Friday.

It’s been amazing going off to dance with my daughter. To be in a production with her. I’ve been so proud of her — and so delighted for me at my good fortune to be included in this show, which is really a Hyde Park tradition and a show that brings the whole community together. So lovely. And so much in keeping with the spirit of the holidays.

All that to say, wish us luck this weekend — or maybe, better yet, break a leg. And if you don’t see much of me here for the next few days, I might just be dancing. Stop by again next week for many updates celebrating the season.

apples, apples

It’s a family tradition to head for the apple orchards this time of year, but with all the warm weather, turned out we made it just in the nick of time — the last weekend apples were available! We did our best to pick the very last ones, this time heading out with some friends who pick in bulk for making applesauce and apple butter, so as a group we picked — wait for it — 200 lbs. of apples! Whooo-hooo! And with all of us working together, not to mention some very enthusiastic little ones willing to shimmy up trees, it didn’t take long at all.

One of us even got his very first taste of apple. Oh, yes. How I do love Fall!