snowy woods

snowy woods by blooming heather
snowy woods a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…” Robert Frost

This photo from a snowy walk in Montreal during our Christmas trip up north.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, everyone. See you in 2012!


pompom maker

pompom maker by blooming heather
pompom maker a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

What better way to spend the last few days of summer vacation than by making pompoms? The girls rediscovered the pompom maker and spent a quiet Sunday afternoon wrapping and wrapping.

“I love making pompoms!” said the soon-to-be third grader.

And the kindergardner-to-be just kept winding and winding, remembering long summer days that would never end, just like this one.

fantasy shoes

fantasy shoes by blooming heather
fantasy shoes a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

Art camp this year with the amazing Amanda was a big success. Here Lizzy is modeling her creations from the week devoted to “Fantasy Shoes.” Catherine’s creations were just as spectacular.

The weeks the girls were there, art camp included altered photography and sand casting at the 57th Street Beach. The kids’ creativity was just bursting — doing spins and spirals and overflowing into the dining room here at home. I felt the aftershocks of this camp for weeks!

And it all finished up with a lively art show and shadow puppet theater performance. Happy days.

summer shawl

summer shawl by blooming heather
summer shawl a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

Blessed chilly summer — I know you’re about to change tomorrow (hello heat wave!) but so far, it’s been a knitter’s summer.

This is the newest in my ever-growing shawl wardrobe: The Age of Brass and Steam shawl. Is that an evocative name or what? And the lovely, lovely Malabrigo silky merino, color Arco Iris, makes it kind of brassy and iridescent in the best way!

Hoping there’ll be more summer nights, full of fireflies, good friends and chilly weather, so I can pull out the summer shawl.

rain painting

rain painting by blooming heather
rain painting a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

Titanic rainstorms (and hail the size of golf balls) have been churning through our part of the world lately. The bright side of all the rain has been experimenting with rain painting — wetting the paper with rain and then adding paint. Or putting on the paint and then taking the paper out in the rain to see what happens!

This is what I love about summer — time to have a crazy idea like this — can we paint with rain drops? Yes, we can!

Happy Summer!

quilts in progress…

I’ve been quilting like crazy around here trying to get ready for the Hyde Park Quilt Show this weekend. I’ve got two quilts in the show, but the trick is that they’re not quite done yet. Nothing like a short and looming deadline to get the creative juices flowing. Two may be a bit ambitious, but these little quilts are such fun — and coming along nicely.

Some snapshots of the works in progress:

{flower inspiration from Lizzy — “the grass looked purple with flowers, Mama!” Catherine said}

More on these soon! If only I could figure out how to quilt in the bathtub — and while I’m sleeping.