Vintage Swap sneak peek

After mailing my package to my swap partner Hannah, I forgot to show off a sneak peek of what’s inside…

I had a bit of help with the selection process. In fact, Little Miss L. invested so much in helping decide what and how things should be put together, she cried when the package went out the door. “I want to keep it,” she wailed. “It’s so beautiful! I love it!” Some peace was restored when I explained that a special package, also full of treasures, was on its way to us. I love that about these swaps; there’s joy in sharing. Finding something beautiful and not hoarding it, but saying, “Oh, I think Hannah would really love this!” and wrapping it up to send. It felt good to be able to model this kind of grown-up giving and to reassure Lizzy in our own abundance (of buttons, quilts, etc.) Um, some would say over-abundance.

Hints of vintage happiness! Hope you enjoy them, Hannah! The package should be reaching you soon.


Vintage Swap delights

Mary from The Yellow Door Paperie sent me the most beautiful little package of treasures for the Winter 2010 Vintage Swap. I’ve been a little pokey about getting my pictures up and for that I apologize. This was such a bright, cheerful package with its vintage embroidery transfers, vintage hanky, buttons, dress pattern and lovely old birthday cards. And of course, all the glorious yellows. It really made our day!

The girls and I especially admired the lovely Vera scarf…

One of us had to try it on right away. Can you tell how pleased she was at the suggestion that she take it off?

These little pearly buttons would be great for crafting, if I could ever bear to separate them from their perfect vintage card.

Thank you, Mary for all the thought and effort that went into compiling all these lovely things.

Here’s a quick peek at what I sent Mary:

Some vintage linens, heavy on the yellows, which I know she loves.

Ornament swap out the door!

Happy to say I got the ornaments for small fox‘s First Annual Ornament Swap out the door! So glad. I took such a long time deciding what to make that I was left with little time for the making — some would say the most important part. But the making did turn out to be delightful, my first bit of crafting for the holidays. I learned how to make Swedish paper hearts at the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville last year and since then I’ve been wanting to try it with felt. Well, it works great! I tweaked the pattern a bit, so that it would be flat and not a basket, but I’m sure it would work if you had enough felt.

{finished hearts with a little thank-you something for small fox}

And of course Lizzy watched me and asked a million questions, the first and most persistent of which was, “Can I make one?” Of course! So I got out the old red sweater I’d recently felted and we went to it. She made two ornaments, and a crown and did most of the stitching herself. She’s getting very handy. And doesn’t her crafty Mama love that!

Button Swap 2009

After reading the last few posts, you may be thinking, Wow, this girl can’t stop with the swaps! And you’d be right. I love sending mail. I love getting mail. And  I’m at an impasse with artwork, so swaps are a way for me to create, communicate, share within some guidelines, while I figure out what I really want to be up to.

My button swap partner Wendy told me that she loved buttons with great textures, orange, green and brown and that she did a lot of sewing. Oh, and she loves over-sized buttons. So here is what I sent:

I stitched the buttons onto some cross-stitch fabric in a nice old wooden embroidery hoop (can you have too many of these? I don’t think so…) and included a note on my favorite Gwen Frostic stationery, as well as a little envelope of “Extra Buttons,” pretty awesome. I had some to send that didn’t quite fit, so I made those the extras — just tiny whimsical, worn little buttons I thought Wendy might like anyway.

And Lizzy helped me draw the wonderful wintry picture to decorate the mailer. Enjoy the buttons, Wendy! Thanks for a lovely swap, Hannah!

buttons, buttons, buttons!

My Button Swap package is in the mail to my partner Wendy. What a lot of fun it’s been looking through my button stash! I tried a few times to find even more buttons at the thrift store, but no luck. Buttons seem to find you; they don’t just come when you call.

{the stash}

{in cups, on counters, and most especially scattered all over the floor}

And now here’s a peek, Wendy! Hope you like it.

Vintage Swap 2009


These last few weeks thrifting has taken on an added level of excitement as I prepared a package for Julia as part of Vintage Swap 2009, organized by Heather of Shivaya Naturals. Julia told me she liked muted colors, blues, greens and browns and was interested in vintage fabrics to make things for her Etsy shop.

This is what I found for her:


A few vintage napkins, a vintage pillowcase, several yards of a vintage flowered fabric and that lovely blue vintage flannel — there’s lots of that. Just right for Etsy sewing, I thought.


And a couple other little treats, like a pair of vintage green knitting needles and a few cards by my favorite Gwen Frostic.


So that’s the giving. But with swaps there’s always joy in the receiving, too and Julia did a lovely job finding treats for me:




Can you see there’s a teeny, tiny “h” on this teeny, tiny fork? Little vintage napkins, a tiny saucer, a lovely old pillowcase (just right for backing doll quilts), some buttons and two old Golden Books — Heidi and The Lively Little Rabbit, which I didn’t think I knew, until I saw this picture:


Who could forget an image like that? It came back to me in a flash — one of my favorite childhood books, rediscovered! Thank you so much, Julia! What a lot of joy you sent in one small package!