blossom time


In spring, for a few short days, these gorgeous trees bloom in the field outside our house. I watch for it. Wait for it (camera, of course, at the ready). Usually the spring thunderstorms make quick work of the delicate flowers, so you have to be timely, if you want to see them at their best.

Each year it’s so lovely to be there, beneath the branches. Lovely to be there with friends, or just the girls and me, climbing the trees, or playing, or — if it’s one of those magical baby years — taking those marvelous first steps below fluttering petals. Wherever we’re at. It’s all good. But when these blossoms appear every year it makes me marvel, and take stock, of new beginnings and how far we’ve come. 

C. reaching for the blossoms, 2004

{C. reaching for the blossoms, 2004}


{E. at blossom time, 2007}

This year, we brought one of their new friends with us — this bunny I knit for C’s Easter basket from a Living Crafts pattern. 


The yarn is KnitPicks Bare Merino fingering, knit with one strand of Lion Brand Fun Fur ,  which made it incredibly soft and snuggly. The girls took the bunny very seriously. While I enjoyed the flowers, took pictures, they were very busy gathering everything the bunny might need; flowers for behind its ears, dandelions to nibble, grass to chew and clover for a soft bed to sleep on.



Playing, marveling, remembering — lovely way to welcome in the weekend. Hope you have a nice one!