spotted at the Quilt Show

Oh, the long-awaited Hyde Park Quilt Show! I love this event every year — it’s such a Hyde Park thing. Such a neighborly, friendly and beautiful ritual of springtime! People bringing old quilts and new, ones to sell and ones to keep. Like a huge Easter basket of color, such a bright contrast to the still-gray skies and sidewalks outside.

Here are some snippets of this year’s show:

Thinking about Kelly’s recent post, also reminds me that time flies at even timeless events like the Quilt Show.

quilt show 2008 by blooming heather

{Catherine at the Quilt Show in 2008, just a bit taller than the pews!}
quilt show 2008 a photo by blooming heather on Flickr.

{Lunching at the Quilt Show, 2009}

{with her friend and her 7th Birthday Quilt in 2010}

{Catherine in 2011, reading through the program on her own}


spring is here…finally!

After a long winter of unrelenting gray broken only by heaps and heaps of snow, spring has come. The flowers are out, the ducks are on their nests, the bikes are out and the kids are kicking up their heels like little lambs. And the colors — oh, how I’m loving the colors!

What fun we’re having in this luscious, long-awaited springtime!

But I’ll let Spring speak for itself….

quilts in progress…

I’ve been quilting like crazy around here trying to get ready for the Hyde Park Quilt Show this weekend. I’ve got two quilts in the show, but the trick is that they’re not quite done yet. Nothing like a short and looming deadline to get the creative juices flowing. Two may be a bit ambitious, but these little quilts are such fun — and coming along nicely.

Some snapshots of the works in progress:

{flower inspiration from Lizzy — “the grass looked purple with flowers, Mama!” Catherine said}

More on these soon! If only I could figure out how to quilt in the bathtub — and while I’m sleeping.


We had a lovely visit in California, although the rainy, chilly (for them!) weather had us curled up around the fireplace with hot cups of tea much of the time we were there. The kids reveled in each others’ company — so did we all! It was an amazing visit to my friend Kelly’s lovely home and family and a week full of laughter, delicious food, artwork, thrifting adventures and so much family fun.

{first grapefruit, picked within minutes of arriving!}

{one of many cups of tea}

{at the farmers’ market}

{off to pick some oranges from the yard}

{hiking up Mt. Rubidoux}

{and lots of kumquats for when we got home}

Plus plenty of times watching this on YouTube.

Can’t wait for next spring break!

train traveling

Today’s the day we’ve been planning and waiting for! Our little family of four is heading across the country on a train, in a sleeping car to make our yearly visit to friends in California. Oh, the things we’ve packed to be prepared for 40 hours in a train with two kids! Patrick balked at bringing my initial recommendation of chocolate — possibly enough to sustain Hannibal’s army crossing the Alps. So we scaled that back a bit, but rest assured, it’s still a goodly amount.

Games and drawing things and some books to read out loud together. And knitting, oh yes, the time I’ve spent thinking about the knitting! We’ll also be keeping a train journal so come back for excerpts of that when we return. What I’m most looking forward to is having each other — and all the ideas, wonderment and joy of watching so much of our incredible country go by out the window, with this wonderful little family of mine.

And the girls have been helping by leaping wildly off the furniture.

Have a lovely start of spring!

spring is coming…

How do we know?

We’ve been:

:: playing outside with just jackets or t-shirts

:: knitting out on the grassy lawn

:: flying homemade kites

:: seeing brights and buds and bugs and birds all over the neighborhood

:: thinking about a very special spring-break trip

:: getting excited for no reason and leaping about like lambs

:: wanting to stay outside all day.

Ah, spring!