birthday quilt

“Mommy, you made it! The sunrise quilt!”

And made it I did — just barely! Stitching into the wee hours of the morning, I finished this wonderful, beautiful quilt for my girl.

Being up so late brought back many of those early-morning memories of babyhood, and of the night I gave birth. I saw so many sunrises in those early days of my daughter’s life. How I remember watching the sun rise over the lake and nursing the little treasure in my arms and wondering at the beauty of it all. There’s nothing like stitching the binding to give you time to reflect.

So sunrises always make me think of my big girl (now 7!). As a tribute to all those happy memories, I made this quilt for her. I used the lovely Folksy Flannel fabric by Anna Maria Horner and lined it with some linen from my stash. Is it a sign that your stash is too large (or just right?) when you happen to have 5 yards of mulberry-colored linen in it waiting for the right project to come along?

This birthday was filled with magical moments, but perhaps my favorite was seeing Catherine come home after school and curl up in her new quilt, quietly, naturally, as though it was right where she belonged. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

6 thoughts on “birthday quilt

  1. Heather, what a stunning work of art! This heirloom quilt belongs in a textile museum…but I am imagining it will travel with Miss Catherine as a treasure through life, carrying memories of mommy and home…I can just see it gracing the wall of her first grown-up apartment, many years from now : )

  2. The quilt is absolutely beautiful, Heather. I envy you your snow. Hard to believe we have none here in Montreal and that I have not worn boots since returning from Chicago at XMas.

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